Sn3rpOs_Custom-Kali Linux_v6.18

What is Sn3rpOs_Custom-Kali Linux

Sn3rpOs_Custom-Kali Linux is anonymous member developed an anonymous penetration system based on kali Linux to evade the US NSA monitoring Linux system.


*Updated 12/10/2018
TinfoilSec Presents: Sn3rpOs 
There are 2 users;
root & tfs (change the passwd ‘toor’ for both)
Now with Veracrypt!
The most Anonymity packed into a 3.8G iso ever.
Xfce4 Desktop
Kali Linux Full
Globally Torified with Privoxy & Tor
Tor Browser (Exec in a separate env)
Macchanger (hardware mac randomized on boot)
Custom Tor Switcher and Pyloris
Dnscrypt-Proxy (no logs)
Firefox-esr (configured with tor)
Peer Guardian Linux (monitor and block unwanted connections)
Complete Multiarch Support
Custom Tools
Fork of Kali, Debian Stretch and Linuxmint Sylvia
-No Back Doors- 
and of course bacon. XD 
As Always RTFM! (README-FIRST file)

Project Samples

Video presentation